Village Studio at Kimberton Opens

Applied Video Technology's Village Studio at Kimberton is open for business!   The 5,000 sqaure foot video production studio and digital media facility located in Kimberton, PA is operated by our sister company, Phoenix Media Group (PMG) and features a 26x22 green screen cyclorama for video and a 20x20 white screen cyclorama for photography.  The facility also includes a studio control room, a sound room for voiceovers, a viewing room for production meetings and a complete post production area for editing, graphics and effects. A kitchen and dressing room round out the facilities physical layout.

The Village Studio at Kimberton offers many specific services, including turnkey production, to meet the needs of all our clients.  PMG provides your organization a team of experienced professionals with state-of-the art equipment and extensive capabilities that can deliver a high quality video to exceed your expectations.  The modern design and spacious environment make the studio conducive for hosting seminars, filming interviews, making training videos, marketing videos, music videos and producing complex audio and video productions.

Bruce MacLelland, CEO of Applied Video Technology, started PMG in 2010. “After designing and building hundreds of TV studios, we had a pretty good idea of the best technology to use to make cost effective, compelling content.  Our model is to blend the right talent with these tools to help people to communicate all over the world. The logical step was to build a facility to make, manage and move media, which is what we have done.  With the explosion in Internet video, it’s a very exciting time!”

The new studio will be available for clients to rent enabling them to use the latest technology with or without technician/operators. MacLelland adds, “It will be a great place to make media, including virtual set technology, at a fraction of the cost of other, older similar studio spaces.”

For more information about The Village Studio at Kimberton please contact PMG.