AVT is pleased to introduce an Incredible new Interactive Display and Software Technology

If you are looking for the perfect mix of image size and brightness, interactive function, longevity, and low power consumption, take a look at this new short-throw projector and innovative cloud-based collaboration software from Nureva.

Nureva was founded by Nancy Knowlton, who also founded and was the CEO for Smart Technologies. For many years “Smart Boards” ruled the classrooms and board rooms around the world. A few years ago when she left Smart Technologies, Nancy went to work building on the wealth of knowledge she learned from being an AV innovator. With an eye on developing technology for collaborative AV environments, using  the latest large screen displays, Nureva was born. Introduced at InfoComm in June 2015, Nureva caught our eye as the hands down most innovative technology on the show floor.

Recently we took delivery and installed this first-of-a-kind interactive laser projector in one of our conference rooms. After using it for several weeks for our company meetings, we have found it to be no less than awesome!  Starting with an ultra-wide 10 image (130” diagonal) we are able to take full advantage of the display real estate with spreadsheets, slides, pictures and videos spread all over the screen. Our room is bright with windows, lights and yellow paint, but the image pops with over 3000 lumens of short throw brightness.  The trend in video projection is replacing mercury-based, expensive lamps with low cost, no replacement solid state laser technology. The Nureva display has one of the best laser light sources  incorporating solid-state illumination offering low maintenance and no lamp replacement for over 25,000 hours of usage!  That’s about 18 years for normal  classroom and boardroom use without ever replacing a lamp.

We incorporated a new screen material that doubles as a dry erase marker surface which adheres directly to the drywall in our conference room. This seamless surface matches perfectly with the projected image of 46” high x 122” long. It essentially turns our drywall surface into a giant iPhone touch pad, allowing the presenter to open, close, move information and even type right on the wall. And, it’s so cost effective we are able to include it for free as part of the full Nureva solution.

Another part of Nancy Knowlton’s new company is a terrific new cloud-based collaboration software product called Span. Span draws upon the familiar and flexible tools that you are already familiar with for paper-based brainstorming. Using items like markers, and post-it notes, Span allows team members or classmates to use their iPad-type devices to draw, make notes and use pictures to capture, organize and refine ideas. Since the software is cloud-based, you can make your notes when the idea hits you, and share it later with your peers.

One last part to this ingenious AV solution is the Span software canvas is actually 20 feet wide, so when the Nureva projector is displaying a 10 foot wide image, you can use your hand to slide the 20’ software canvas side to side, revealing any 10’ section of brainstorming information at a time. Not to be out done by this, you can mount two Nureva projectors ten feet apart on the wall and easily blend them together creating a 20 foot wide screen and 40 feet of Span software canvas!

So, if you are looking for a high quality, exceptionally large interactive display for your conference room, classroom or lecture hall, this is one of the best, most cost effective AV solutions available today. 

Please let us know if you would like to see the Nureva system in action and schedule a visit  to our conference room, or join us on December 16th for a personnel demo and some holiday cheer.