AVT Celebrating 20 Years in 2016


"Wow. I can’t believe it’s been 20 years!

In the Spring of 1996, just as I was about to turn 40, I remember thinking, “If I don’t do it now, when I’m 60 I’ll look back and say, would have, could have, should have.”  So I went for it.

Armed with a bunch of ideas and a dream, I started Applied Video Technology. Recognizing the convergence of AV and IT, my concept was simple. Blend traditional video products with emerging computer technology and turn them into communications solutions for our customers.  I rented a small office in King of Prussia, sat on a Sony Trinitron monitor box and started calling people I knew on a flip phone; looking for orders.

One of those calls turned into a visit from a stranger from Vietnam, (of all places!) In about 2 months we had a $200,000 sale and that stranger has become a lifelong friend. In short order we had to install an integrated AV system at a school in Hanoi, (of all places!) That’s when the simple concept become more complex. I had to hire people, procure equipment (with money that I didn’t have), engineer and build an AV system, pack it, ship it and pray it would arrive intact. A small group of fresh AVT employees packed our bags, converted dollars to Dong and headed to Hanoi.  We were off and running!

On May 1, 2016 we celebrate our 20th anniversary of being in business.  Along the way we built several additional large scale projects in Vietnam, but most of our business is now much closer to home, (thank God!)  We have grown into one of the Mid-Atlantic regions largest and most trusted, full service AV integration firms, with over 25 employees and well over 1000 loyal customers.

The lessons I’ve learned go far beyond staying in stride with the breakneck speed of technology.  It has more to do with relationships. It’s been more about how we treat our customers, employees and vendors. It’s been about being more of a manager and less of a doer.  And it’s been about trusting people.

Our current staff is the best in the AV business. We have CTS certified engineers, programmers, installers, trainers, service technicians and project managers to support our sales and administration staff. We have designed and built everything from worldwide digital signage networks and complex sound and media conference centers to relatively simple TV studios.

We love what we do and even after 20 years it still feels like we are just getting started.

Thank you to our customers for your loyalty and partnerships over the years!"

Bruce MacLelland, CEO